Friday, November 11, 2005

Cutting parts of the plane off

Today I cut out the pilots head rest from the cockpit. The previous builder/owner had fabricated a custom head rest that was quite small. It only came up to our necks, so we decided to cut it out and build a per plans headrest. I cut it out and started prepping for the installation of the standard headrest.

Later, Bill stopped by and he helped me get things lined up for drilling a pilot hole in the nose for the Pitot tube. He had loaned Brian some long drill bits and we used one of them to drill the hole. We spent about 30 minutes figuring the alignment and about 30 seconds drilling the hole. It should look good. We taped a level to the drill bit and used a string tied to the fuselage for alignment. Tommorow, I'm going to finish up the cutout so that I can start fitting up the pitot tube and get the pitot/static system plumbed. Hopefully I'll get started on the filling of the body work on the nose tommorow too. Sanding blocks armed.

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