Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Intercom Installation

I did some more work today on the intercom. The system has inputs for audio entertainment as well as a cell phone jack for operation of your cellular phone through theheadset. I don't have room on the main panel to put headset jacks and a variety of related pieces, so I designed a sub panel that will go into the forward portion of the right strake. There is also a sub panel for the rear cockpit as well. The pilots panel includes cutouts for each of the EFIS USB ports. These usb ports are used for upgrades to EFIS software, and also for recording flight information to a file on the USB stick for later playback and analysis. Both front and rear panels also include standard headset jacks, a cigarette lighter power jack and a map light.

While thinking about the sub panels, I realized I wanted to install a provision for ANR headsets to be used without the annoying battery pack. It seems that the standard jack for this purpose is made by Lemo and supported by Bose. Lightspeed also now makes a 30-3GP model that includes a Lemo connector. This allows a single connection point to the headset that includes both audio connections and power to the ANR circuitry. The mounting hole configuration was difficult to find. Of course it isn't a round hole. Good thing we are using a CNC router to cut the panels. The pic to the left depicts the Bose headset jack cutout as found in the bose headset user manual along with the dimensions. Aircraft spruce sells the jack, part number 11-01846.

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