Monday, November 07, 2005

More Altitude Hold Work

How long should the installation of an altitude hold take? 2 hours? 4? 8? 20? I don't know how many it has taken, but it appears to be complete. I also wired up the autopilot disconnect switch on the stick grip. This photo shows it powered up. Remaining to be completed is to install the canard and fine tune the servo settings. I discovered that the control unit was mounted too far forward and the DB connector shell would not clear the elevator tube. I moved it rearward about 1.5"

I also ran wiring to the custom switches that we are using for the lights. They have an internal light that is wired to the master electrical buss. Altogether, 10 wires installed today. The remaining switches are on order. I'll also be using one on the Pitot heat switch and the switch will double as the indicator light.

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