Saturday, November 12, 2005

More Pitot Work, Filling and a New headrest

Today I started with finishing up the drilling of the pitot tube. The pilot hole I drilled with Bill was used to bore a larger hole for the heat isolation (G-10 material) and then a 7/8" hole to exit the nose.

Here is the Pitot tube set loosely in it's position. It is sitting at a different angle than it will actually be at.

Bill stopped by and he showed me some sanding and filling techniques. We put a bit of filler on the nose area to let it dry and see how well it works. I'll have sanding and filling to do for weeks now I'm sure.
To finish up the day, I created a layout for the new headrest. Instead of the standard triangle shape, I shaped it to hold an EFIS screen for the rear seat. It is only slightly larger than the plans head rest, the same height, just a different shape on the side and the top. I got all the foam cut out and assembled and put a first layup on the inside. I forgot to take any shots of the layup, I'll be continuing the work on the headrest at the next work session.

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