Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Starters, probes and trays

Today I created a shim for the starter motor bracket. A friend had left some spare aluminum sheet to use so I figured it would be a good day to make the shim. The bracket we are using allows the mounting of a Toyota starter motor on the lycoming. However, the alignment of the pinion gear to the ring gear wasn't good and the ring gear was rubbing the starter shaft. I needed about a 1/16" extra clearance. A couple minutes on the bandsaw and the drill press and I had a shim which worked just fine. I used a transfer punch to line up the 4 bolt holes for the starter mount.

After I finished that I installed the bayonet mountings for the CHT probes. Cylinder #4 was a bit sticky, but the rest threaded right in. I installed the probes and temporarily tie-wrapped the wires to the back of the engine.

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