Friday, January 06, 2006

Finally an update

With the holidays and extra work lately I haven't had time to really work on the plane until the past few days. Now that I've made some progress, I can post an update.

Brian and I mounted the headrest:

The engine mount arrived:

The steel replacements for the aluminum extrusions are done. A local flyer had noted that we bent the 1/8" thick 4130 steel plate into an L shape. He suggested that there may be hairline cracks in the metal caused by the bending and recommended we get it checked out. I had the steel magnafluxed and it is not cracked.

The steel parts were installed:

And the engine mount attached:

A few days later, the engine was hanging on its mount. With the batteries installed in the front, but no avionics/instruments or wings the W&B is still OK. We have about 40 pounds on the nose still, with plenty of weight to add aft of the firewall. Prop, extension, exhaust, cowling, etc...

Here is Brian with the engine:

The filling continues:

Earlier this week, Brian and I went and visited with a gentleman that has a canard aircraft similar to ours. We got a lot of good ideas about cooling, cowling and exhaust setups. We plan to copy all of them.

Like this exhaust augmentation:

Shoulder scoops with downdraft cooling:

Small oil cooler scoops under the strake:

Today, I started working on the templates for a plenum that will mount on top of the engine. I made a cardboard template to match the outline of the cylinders that I will use to cut a glass layup that will be used to construct the plenum. A flexible duct will duct the air to the plenum and the air will vent through the cylinders and exit the back of the cowl.