Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Magneto checkup

6hr  Verified gearing ratio for electronic ignition, checking that the magneto gear spins at a 1 to 1 ration to the crankshaft.  Started to install the single slick magneto on the engine, and decided to give it a checkup before I went through all the trouble after noticing the gear retaining bolt was halfway un-done with no cotter pin.  Opened it up and everything looked pretty good, except for quite a bit of wear on the distributor gear wheel.  Decided to take it over to the school to get it test run on the bench.  Turned out they didn't have a harness for it, so I'll have to go back next Wednesday to get it run.  Most the time was spent looking for a manual for the thing.  The school didn't have one, and the internet provided me with only moderate success.  Oh well.  The test run will verify everything is in good working order.

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